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Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking of submitting? Here are some FAQs: 

What divisions to you represent?

Theatrical: Film & TV

Commercial: On-camera, voice over, print, and promotions.

Youth: Ages 6+ for commercial & theatrical

At this time we are only seeking talent who are interested in being represented both theatrically and commercially. 

What areas do you service?

California: San Francisco & Los Angeles

Southern Region: TX, OK, & the Southeast.

Do you represent SAG-AFTRA actors?

Yes. As a proud member company of Association of Talent Agents, we represent both non-union and SAG actors

Is there a height or age limit?

KIT represents artists of ages 6 through adult. Heights vary upon division. 

  • Actors: no height requirement

  • Models: 5'5" for women 5'10"  for men

  • Promotional Models (21+) - 5'2" 

  • There is no height limit for minors.

Submissions under the age of 18?

At this time, we are not seeking anyone younger than 6 years of age. Minors are required by CA law to obtain an entertainment work permit through the state of California, a Coogan Trust account through participating banks, and we recommend a government issued ID before booking their first job.

How available do I need to be?

We require flexibility in schedule and availability. Auditions can be very last minute (within a 24 hour notice) and it is your responsibility to be able to attend those. 

Do I pay the agency any fees to get started?

No! We only make money when YOU make money. We abide by the California Labor law and only receive commission once your compensation is collected for a job booked.

Will I have to pay for anything?

The only things you may have to pay for are tools necessary for your career. Professional head shots, casting sites, training, etc. You can CHOOSE where you would like to go for training and photo services as long as they are industry standard.

Do you offer any sort of training?

While we do offer free resources and tools to our artists, we do not offer training. We are not a school. Licensed agencies cannot offer training.

What clients do you work with?

We rarely know what clients casting directors will be seeking actors or models for, but our artists book regularly with notable companies. Some projects include VO & Motion Capture for 2K Games, Netflix films, Nickelodeon series, Hulu, CBS, CW, Mercedes-Benz commercials, Geico commercials, Gap Inc. clothing ads, Toys R Us ads, Apple Inc.  ads, Sony Record music videos, and more.

A majority of clients who book artists represented by KIT, continue requesting our team back for their projects.

How often will I work?

Since a talent agent is different from a casting director, we cannot promise work or book you on projects. As an agent, we can only promise we will do our work to help prep you and to get you auditions. From there, it is your responsibility to put your best foot forward and stand out to the client/casting director in hopes to book the role. The more prepared you are and/or the better materials you have, the better chance you have at getting booked. 

That being said, we cannot project how often you will work. We can say artists who have all of their materials in order typically receive 3-4 auditions a week. 

Do I have to have experience to work with KIT?

Yes, please review our Submissions page to see our requirements.

Who should I contact about getting started in the industry?

Please do not contact our agency for advice on getting started. For new artists, we highly encourage seeking an acting coach in your area. Aside from proper headshots, this should be your first step before reaching out to agencies.

How long should I wait to apply again if I don't hear back?

We suggest waiting about 3-4 months before applying again. Only re-submit if your materials have changed or improved.

Should I follow up on my submission?

No. Due to the amount of submissions we receive, we cannot respond to artists we are not interested in. If we are interested in you, we will be in touch.

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