A former actress, published author, and model, Tabitha Kit has a vast wealth of experience in the entertainment industry spanning over 15 years. Kit International Talent is an embodiment of Tabitha’s passion for the entertainment industry and an intense desire to advocate for artists and promote their talent with a reliable, trustworthy agency. Given her background, Tabitha stands out strongly as highly knowledgeable about the industry and the ideal agent to work with.


Before founding the agency in 2017, Tabitha had enjoyed a prolific career in acting and modeling. She hosted The Travel Channel, made multiple appearances on Investigation Discovery, and modeled for renowned designers like Michael Kors, Vera Wang, and Tommy Bahama. To date, Tabitha has created a strong track record in her field and earned deserved respect by providing genuine, agency representation to actors and models of all ages.


As the owner of the premier licensed talent agency in Placer County, Tabitha has uniquely positioned herself as incredibly resourceful for actors, casting directors, and brands seeking model representation for their companies. Tabitha has reliably booked talent for national Mercedes commercials, National Super Bowl Commercials, International TV shows, and much more.


With a strong passion for bringing people together, Tabitha strives to create a cohesive, friendly, and comfortable family-like environment where actors and models can work together amicably without creating unfriendly competition. She maintains a small roster to ensure she gives personalized support and ongoing career advice while maintaining a staunch devotion to creating a niche for her actors and models in the industry has been the hallmark of her success. Tabitha is renowned for her professionalism, communication, and knowledge.

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