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Rensa Group, Casting Director

It is my great pleasure to recommend Tabitha Kit, and her agency Kit International.

As a SAG-AFTRA signatory (#00981228), who has employed multiple SAG-AFTRA actors over the years, I can't say enough how valuable someone with the knowledge and experience Tabitha has is. 

The professional production and acting world both will be well served by having Kit International represent SAG-AFTRA actors and helping to ensure the quality, training and most importantly professional levels we come to expect from those bearing the credential "SAG-AFTRA talent." 

Toni Staniewicz,  Casting Director

I have worked with Tabitha Kit for over 6 years. Her professionalism and hard work have always been appreciated in the entertainment industry. She follows industry guidelines as an agent and continues to strive in the Sacramento Area. Kit International Talent has been a great licensed Talent Agency to work with for the year and I look forward to continuing casting talent with them. I have used several Talent on various film, tv, industrial and many other media related projects. K.I.T has shown that they are trust worthy and represent their Talent in a professional manner. They are my "Go-To" to find just the perfect Talent for even on "Rush" Calls.

As any actor or model knows, this industry can be tough. In my years of working with agents, Tabitha stands out with her passion for helping her talent and targeting them to be successful. She is a joy to work with and provides personal touches and encouragement all along the way. She always has a smile on her face and is welcoming to her talent,  providing tips which makes a huge difference in navigating this space.

She works hard informing talent and is very responsive. Love her!

Shauna Harrington, Actress

Dania Denise, Actress

I've been in the industry for a long time and been through my share of agency representation in this market. I can easily say that KIT is the best! Not only are they professional and very hands-on with me as their talent, the owner is a working model/actor...that makes a huge difference to me because she knows exactly what is going on in the industry, understands the ups and downs and can directly relate to what I experience.

Anytime I have questions or concerns, they don't hesitate to respond quickly and I love that they take the time to send group emails with all sorts of information, from workshops we can sign up for to discussion about important topics related to auditioning, keeping our profiles current, etc.

Although I am a veteran, I wish I had an agent that took the time to break down the way things work when I first started so I know the roster of newbies at KIT are not only getting opportunities they otherwise wouldn't have access to, they're getting an agent who wants to educate them to ensure they succeed.

Story Lit Films, Production Co

If you reside in the Northern California area and are looking for representation in acting and/or modeling then I highly recommend Kit International Talent Agency. The folks over there are professional, working 24/7 to book jobs for their talent. They also know the ins and outs of the business, which will help you as an actor bring your best presentation to every audition and booking. The ownership is both personal and professional. You can't ask for a better agency!

Anthony Snow, Actor

It is my pleasure and honor to recommend KIT INTERNATIONAL TALENT.

I have personally known owner Tabitha Kit for 4 years and as a Talent Agent in the greater Sacramento area for the past 3 years. I am confident that Tabitha's exceptional skills, professional experience, and personal qualities will make KIT INTERNATIONAL
TALENT a powerful asset as a Signatory SAG-AFTRA Franchised Talent Agency.

As a Talent Agent, Tabitha constantly demonstrates an extensive knowledge of the industry and union rules while utilizing her personal connections, as well as superb communication skills, to get her roster of talent many auditions and booking jobs.
Also, Tabitha has an extraordinarily strong work ethic and is determined to make each of her talent into a successful model or actor. She cares deeply about what she does
and treats everyone with kindness and respect.

Tabitha Kit and KIT INTERNATIONAL TALENT has my highest recommendation.

Charlotte M, Parent of Talent

My son Manny has been in the industry over 5 years and this year I moved him from a larger agency to KIT International. Tabitha and her staff are attentive, great with communication and are available to answer questions. They work hard for their clients. I do recommend KIT International to all ages for representation. Manny is looking forward to a bright future with KIT International.

Paige Kriet, Actress

This is the best agent I’ve had thus far in my career. Tabitha takes her job seriously and she takes you seriously. It is clear that she knows what she’s doing and has great faith in her actors. She holds a high standard to those on her roster and if you are serious about your acting career, that is exactly what you hope to have with your agent. Tabitha is very communicative which is something that I feel has been missing with past agents I’ve had. She is absolutely lovely and I cannot stop recommending her. Cheers to KIT!

Gregg Cohen, Casting Director

"Thank you KIT for cobbling such a great "family" + Dr friend!!!!

Thanks for helping me look good :)


Look forward to working with you more.


Thanks so much Tabitha!"

Michael Alan Thomas, Actor

Being a part of KIT International has been wonderful. Tabitha has been in the business for a long time and is very helpful and knowledgeable regarding advise and guidance. Tabitha and KIT International have provided myself with opportunities that would have not been possible for me to achieve on my own. Tabitha has been available every time and any time for me to answer any questions that I have regarding head shots, resumes, actors web sites, and auditions. I highly recommend attending one of the many open auditions that she and KIT offer during the year.

Dano Jason, Actor

One of the many reasons I signed with Kit International Talent is their amazing support structure.
There are celebrity workshops and classes offered, along with individual one on one coaching from the CEO Tabitha Kit.
Tabitha has a plethora of experience within the entertainment industry as an Actress, Model, CEO, author and the list goes on. Her advice and direction is valuable to me as she has been there herself on the front lines, so she knows how to develop a career. I am very grateful for being on the KIT roster and keep enjoying the amazing opportunities that come my way since I have signed.

Rafael Siegel, Actor

This is one of those rare situations where you have the best of both worlds. KIT International has the feel of a boutique agency, but the reach of a much larger agency. Tabitha is an agent who knows the business inside and out and refuses to cut corners. The combination of morals and business savvy is what agents should aspire to incorporate into their operation.

Erika H, Parent of Talent

We have been really happy with our representation from Kit International Talent.  The team is highly knowledgeable, professional, responsible and responsive.  All of these components are essential to a talent agency.  One other key component I'll mention is the attention to detail as it relates to representing minors.  Kit is great at not only ensuring we understand the legal and ethical requirement and protections in place, but also in the area of advocating for minor talent as well.

Adam Weber, Actor

Tabitha has represented me for about 2 years now and I cannot give her praise enough. She has opened opportunities for me consistently and maintains great communication. She checks in with me regularly and gives tips for improvement. By being with KIT, I was able to walk into auditions with confidence and never had to question authenticity of her agency.

Daphne O, Parent of Talent

My 2 kids have been signed with KIT for about a year now. We have nothings but positive things to say about this agency. The owner, Tabitha, is extremely hands on (meaning she doesn't have a secretary to do all her work for her and she just signs her name) like bigger agencies do. I'd describe this more as a "boutique" agency for this and the fact that the roster is on the smaller side so she works closely (with full dedication) with each and every one one of her clients. I appreciate very much that she is always quick to respond to an email or text just as we are expected to do the same. This is absolutely a team effort with her. She is very thorough and sets high standards for her clients so I'm confident we are working with the best team around.

Kohl V, Indian Motorcycle

(Regarding KIT Models booked for Sturgis Bike Rally 2020)


The KIT team did great! Honestly the best crew we have had out there to date. Everyone worked super hard and not a single issue. Thanks a ton!

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